Why does Maxi Rodriguez have to leave?

June 27, 2009

Atletico Madrid fans are tired of seeing how different managers pick one player that is loved by the crowd until those players end outside the club. The case is even more ridiculous when we see those managers kicked out within months afterwards.

Radomir Antic picked on Simeone until El Cholo left to Lazio. Then Manzano didn’t rest until Movilla had to go to Zaragoza. Now it seems that Abel, a manager respected by the fans, seems to have decided that Maxi Rodriguez, a proud captain of Altetico Madrid since el Niño Torres left, has to leave the club.

The club even seems to have decided who will replace the Argentinean. Lafita from Zaragoza is the chosen one. It’s been reported in the media that Garcia Pitarch met the Real Zaragoza board last Thursday in order to advance in the negotiations. Lafita seems to us a good player, but it became been very clear last season that the squad is short, so it doesn’t make sense for us to get rid of a good player to buy another one with less merits than Maxi Rodriguez.


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